Our “Dirupo Brut” was awarded the highest recognition from the authoritative Italian Guide Gambero Rossowhich includes Andreola sparkling wine among the excellence of Veneto and of the national production.

 In the steep slopes located in Col San Martino, in the heart of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG production, Andreola celebrates an important recognition: “Tre Bicchieri/ Three Glasses” given to Dirupo brut from the authoritative Guide “Vini d’Italia 2019” published by Gambero Rosso, which includes it among the finest sparkling wine from Veneto and among the national excellences.

More than 70 experts of the prestigious guide yearly judge thousands of wines. The severe blind tasting is done among 22.000 wines and awards only 400 Tre Bicchieri/ Three Glasses.

Stefano Pola, owner of the winery, received with great proud this last achievement, which confirms the great attitude for the territory and the passion with which the winery elevates its qualities through hard work in the vineyard and the cellar: “I’m doubly proud of this recognition, not only for the great prestige of the award but because it is given to the wine that most characterized the identity of our winery over time: Dirupo is the first wine even produced at Andreola, a sparkling wine from which the history of heroic viticulture and passion for the land started as far back as 1984″.

The name “Dirupo” brings to mind the steepest vineyards from which the winery selects the grape for its production, and the significance of a viticulture that every day contends with extreme steepness of slopes ,to give wines like this, reaching to another level the term of hand-crafted.

Stefano Pola considers this success “not a point of arrival but a starting point, a confirmation of Andreola’s dynamic approach and to the quality with which we have worked every day for our Valdobbiadene DOCG production”.

“In every single bottle – Stefano Pola continues – we try to express the characteristics of Valdobbiadene DOCG:  brightness and softness, salinity and creaminess on the palate, as the intense fruity aromas of the nose.


Dirupo is produced in Brut and Extra Dry version , both created since 1984 from the selection of grapes from vineyards on the steepest slopes of the estate: here we find the true spirits of the “Heroic Viticulture” working on the most extreme hills.