Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin

Valdobbiadene DOCG, with its fruity and floral aromas, is the most well known and sought after Charmat method sparkling wine in the world. Its history begins more than three centuries ago on the hills of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano. Since 2009 Valdobbiadene Docg has been identified as the Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG), the highest designation of quality for Italian wine, alongside the DOCG Asolo and DOC Prosecco, extended over 9 provinces of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The production area of Valdobbiadene Docg, which extends over only 15 municipalities, is therefore a patch of hilly territory that represents the heart of the Prosecco Superiore world and the top of its production and quality pyramid.

Unique characteristics from a single vineyard

Valdobbiadene DOCG is a sparkling wine which, thanks to its informal and refined character, has exported a new style of drinking all over the world. It is produced exclusively on the hills of Valdobbiadene, using mainly Glera grapes and a small percentage of minor local varietals. The maximum yield permitted per hectare is 13.5 quintals thus guaranteeing the maintenance of balance between vine, terrain and climate. The different cuvee are obtained by a clever combination of the grapes coming from various micro zones in the area, each one capable of giving to the wine unique characteristics which are expressed in different levels of sweetness—Brut, Extra Dry and Dry, from the lowest to the highest percentage of residual sugar.


DOCG, Rive e Cartizze

The types of wines produced are 3:
  • DOCG
  • DOCG Rive
  • DOCG Superiore di Cartizze


A small territory in the hills for a great sparkling wine