In respect of Valdobbiadene Docg

The whole philosophy of Andreola’s production is directed to the maximum respect and the highest expression of those principal characteristics which have made Valdobbiadene Docg a spumante of success appreciated all over the world, such that it is capable of exporting a very personal style of drinking sparkling wine, both informal yet refined.

Tradition and innovation

Enological wisdom and traditional techniques combine with innovation: the grapes harvested exclusively by hand along the slopes of the hills of Valdobbiadene are taken to the recently modernised and renewed cellar where the most advanced technology is available for the vinification.

The work of the enologist is completely orientated towards safeguarding the freshness and aroma in every single passage of the production – from the transporting of the grapes to the cellar, the press, the successive fermentation of the must, the sparkling process and finally the bottling.

Attention to detail

The whole productive process is constituted of numerous details, each of which in its own way is fundamental to obtain a product which is not only excellent, but the quality of which remains constant over the years, contributing to create that unique style which represents the character of Andreola’s spumante: wines which are creamy on the palate, with intense and elegant aromas on the nose at the same time with a low tendency to oxidisation.