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Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG

Terroir (click here)

The apex of quality and synthesis of Valdobbiadene DOCG, Cartizze by Andreola comes from the exclusive place of the same name, where wine making has been regulated since 1969: a ‘golden pentagon’ in which a few hectares of vineyard have been selected for their perfect combination of gentle microclimate and soil of ancient origins.
This historic, refined area is highly fragmented into properties comprising an average of 0.2 hectares. In our own case, our well-established relationships with trusted growers provide us with grapes from one of the most exclusive localities in the Cartizze areal known as ‘Cartizze Alto’ (high Cartizze). The vineyards in this micro area all grow in rows that follow the contour of the steepest slopes, an example of the attention paid in the past to conserving soil morphology and keeping in check erosion due to water draining off the surface.

The sub zone known as ‘Cartizze Alto’ stands on a ridge of calcarenite substrate; the slopes are steep and the marl and sandstone soil is of medium texture and shallow. Where the marl substrate surfaces, texture is finer, facilitating better water retention. The perfect southern aspect of the hillside and its uniform slope offset the ‘high hill’ climate effect that begins here.
Temperatures in this areal remain mild and constant; peaks and troughs are slightly higher and lower than the average for the denomination, creating exclusive soil and a microclimate which provide all that’s needed for an aristocratic sparkling wine of great finesse.

Tasting notes (click here)

The number of aroma percursors is medium-high, particularly the compounds linked to warmer hints (norisoprenoids). There is a predominance of monoterpenes containing linalool, an aroma reminiscent of floral hints in wine. The base wine from this area is typically distinguished by its intensity and elegance on the nose, with hints of peaches, pears and apricots, white flowers, and tropical notes in the warmer vintages. The dense, subtle perlage shoots up to create a white, creamy froth that tops the wine’s elegant soft yellow colour with light green highlights.
Fresh and candied lemon and citron peel, followed by acacia blossoms, apples and peaches, create a charming bouquet.
In the mouth the flavour is intense, direct and full-bodied, embracing and gratifying. Sweetness and sapidity, energy and pleasure are the nuances of this outstanding territorial fresco that goes well with all desserts.

Recommended serving temperature 6-8 °C.


100% Glera


300 m asl

Growing method

Modified double arched cane


3,500 plants per hectare

Production per hectare

12000 kg/ha


White soft pressed


Controlled temperature flotation and fermentation


At least 6 months

Prise de Mousse

30–40 days


‘Charmat method’ second fermentation in large containers


1–3 months


11,5% vol.

Residual sugar

26 g/l


0,75 L

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