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Col del Forno

Rive di Refrontolo

Valdobbiadene DOCG - Brut


Col Del Forno is a Valdobbiadene DOCG with exclusive characteristics drawn from soil with layers of clay, sand, pebbles and conglomerates formed by Karst phenomena over 100,000 years ago, prior to the last ice age.

The four hectares of gently sloping vineyards approximately 200 metres a.s.l. are located on the eastern edge of the Rive di Refrontolo denomination.

The area enjoys a beneficial micro climate and temperature excursions that enhance this elegantly balanced, complex Brut.

Tasting notes

The colour is clear yellow with blond highlights. Its gentle effervescence rises rapidly and untiringly. The scents are of apples, citrons, lime, and blood oranges, with a pleasant hint of almond brittle. This wine caresses the lips elegantly and in the mouth is sapid, dry and silky, coherent between the nose and mouth feel. Despite its strong personality, it is versatile and goes well with all food, from fish to white meat, delicate cold cuts and medium-hard cheese. Suggested serving temperature 6-8 °C.


100% Glera


200 m.s.l.m

Type of soil

clay with sandstone subsoil

Growing method

modified cappuccina

Plant density

3500 ceppi per ettaro

Production per hectare


Alcohol by volume

11,5% vol.

Residual sugar


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