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Col del Forno

Rive di Refrontolo

Valdobbiadene DOCG - Brut

Terroir (click here)

The Col Del Forno vineyard is a natural amphitheatre of approximately four hectares, at an average elevation of 250m asl, located at the eastern end of the Rive di Refrontolo sub-zone of the Valdobbiadene DOCG denomination. Col del Forno wine was first produced in 2016, when the vineyard was purchased; it immediately achieved numerous awards and over the years has become one of Andreola’s flagship wines.
In this unique hilly environment, surrounded by woods and decorated with an embroidery of vines, Andreola has recently dedicated a niche to olive trees and the production of olive oil.

The soil features marl and clayey conglomerates formed by Karst phenomena dating back over 100,000 years, prior to the last ice age, when the gently undulating hills were formed. Although mean annual rainfall is slightly below the average for the denomination, the texture and depth of the soil ensure that the plants get all the water they need. In summer the temperature is slightly higher than that of the western zone, but the temperature excursions are significant, producing grapes with elegant, intense aromas that ripen a little before the rest of the denomination.

Tasting notes (click here)

The average content of the aroma precursors in the grapes from this sub-zone confirms the close relationship between microclimate, soil and the wine’s aromas: whereas the monoterpene compounds that determine floral hints are average, here the norisoprenoids that give the aromas of ripe fruit predominate.

In detail, hints of hawthorn blossoms and wisteria are accompanied by apples, peaches and yellow citrus fruit. Overall the aromas are intense and the flavours are pleasant and well balanced. In the mouth this sparkling wine is elegant, luscious and velvety, coherent with the aroma, given by the depth of the mainly clayey soil that ensures the right amount of water and nutrients, even in difficult years.

The colour of Col del Forno is soft yellow with greenish highlights. Its effervescence is gentle, creamy and lingering. Despite its strong personality, this is a versatile wine that goes well with all food, from fish to white meat, delicate cold cuts and medium-hard cheese.

Recommended serving temperature 6-8 °C.


100% Glera


250 m asl

Growing method

Modified double arched cane


3,500 plants per hectare

Production per hectare

13,000 kg/ha


White soft pressed


Controlled temperature flotation and fermentation


At least 6 months

Prise de Mousse

30–40 days


‘Charmat method’ second fermentation in large containers


1–3 months


11,5% vol.

Residual sugar

7 g/l


1.5 L Magnum, 3 L Jeroboam, 0,75 L

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